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The Physical Postures (Asanas)

Practicing asanas, breathing exercises and meditation make you healthier in body, mind and spirit as well as improve muscle tone, flexibility, strength and stamina. We offer the space for you to explore what style works best for you on your journey towards wellness.   

The Mind
In all forms of yoga, the ever-active mind is quieted through the discipline of practice. Possible benefits include decreased: stress, depression, anxiety and more. The styles of yoga that we offer help create a calm, peaceful awareness that provide a safe place for meditation and self-study.

The Spiritual
As we strengthen the body and calm the mind, we open ourselves up for a transformational experience. Originally, yoga was intended to be a tool to forget the body’s consciousness, quiet the mind and transcend our limitations, allowing us the freedom to become closer to something greater than ourselves. Yoga works from the inside out and you’ll feel it happening. All you have to do is keep showing up

Why Stardust?

Stardust is the name of one of Willie Nelson’s albums where he covered songs by many artists, songs that he loves, that were so different from his natural musical style. 


That is what we hope to be and provide at Stardust Yoga… a place where we can co-create, co-breakdown and co-exist as a wonderful, compassionate, and kind collective embracing the individual uniqueness in our humanity!


A note from Raelyn Nelson- my grandpa, Willie Nelson, aside from being one of the coolest people on the planet, in my opinion, is the most like Jesus that has walked the planet since. I know I’m biased, but I’ve seen with my own eyes how he follows the teachings of Jesus Christ, which happen to be the same as the ethics behind Yoga. After all, he started playing and singing when he was a child in a tiny church in Abbott, Texas. Papa Willie may or may not practice the asanas but he’s a Yogi. I’m proud of his spirit, vibe, humor, and everything he puts out to the world and Willie Wednesdays is a celebration of just that, his spirit and vibe and all of the good in this world. Thank you to Daisy, Rachel, and all of you for letting me spread his legacy to everyone I can. Love y’all  💚-Raelyn 

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