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Why Stardust?

Co-founder Raelyn Nelson, granddaughter of legendary musician, collaborator, author and activist Willie Nelson wanted to create a space welcoming to people from all walks of life. Stardust is the name of one of Papa Willie's albums where he covered songs by many artists,  that he loves, that were so different from his natural musical style. We are so grateful that he believes in our dream to own a yoga studio in a town he once called home.


That is what we hope to be and provide at Stardust Yoga… a place where we can co-create, co-breakdown and co-exist as a wonderful, compassionate, and kind collective embracing the individual uniqueness and gifts in our humanity. 


Raelyn has been teaching yoga for 3 years after falling in love with the intentional practice and it helping her relieve pain. She is a mom to 3, travels playing music with her band, (you can check out their upbeat rocking tunes at has a podcast called Music Is Funny where musicians interview comedians and is honored to share the studio and space with you!


Daisy has been teaching yoga for 10 years and talking with people through psychotherapy to reconnect with their Divine self. She provides a welcoming loving space for all who enter and is a great mental and physical wellness friend who wants to be on your team!

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