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"Stardust Yoga Studio has been a game-changer for me in terms of my health, wellness, and fitness, especially as a two-time cancer survivor. After enduring the effects of radiation-induced scar tissue, nerve damage, and instability in my shoulder, underarm, and leg, I struggled to find an exercise that could accommodate my physical limitations. The amazing teachers at Stardust totally get my unique needs and have customized my practice to help me get stronger, little by little. And let me tell you, it's not just about the physical gains. The discipline, confidence, and strength I've developed through yoga have done wonders for my mental well-being, too. I am extremely grateful to Stardust Yoga Studio for providing me with an inclusive and transformative space to nurture my physical and mental strength."

"I came to Stardust Yoga because I was seeking vibrant health, a warm and loving community, personal growth, integration of body with spirit, real transformation and progress both on and off my mat.


I am an "older" (Baby Boomer) student. My inclusion at Stardust has empowered me, strengthened me and filled me with love, community, discipline, deep appreciation and joy…thanks to our teachers who know that we need more than just a one-dimensional practice. They’ve created something special that embodies the true heart of yoga and so much more. I adore my Mat Mates!"


"Stardust is my favorite yoga studio to date! They have so many different kinds of classes to choose from. For instance they have high intensity core classes, calming stretch flows, to relaxing sound bath flows. They even have a class titled “mat chat” just for fellowship. Their shop beside the studio is filled with the cutest stuff and they host arts & crafts classes for when you need to get in the creative zone too! They have really outdone themselves with creating an encouraging environment (aesthetically and characteristically) for their community and makes you feel right home. 10/10 recommend."

Anna Bea

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