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The Physical Postures (Asanas)

Practicing asanas, breathing exercises and meditation make you healthier in body, mind and spirit as well as improve muscle tone, flexibility, strength and stamina. We offer the space for you to explore what style works best for you on your journey towards wellness.   


The Mind

In all forms of yoga, the ever-active mind is quieted through the discipline of practice. Possible benefits include decreased: stress, depression, anxiety and more. The styles of yoga that we offer help create a calm, peaceful awareness that provide a safe place for meditation and self-study.


The Spiritual

As we strengthen the body and calm the mind, we open ourselves up for a transformational experience. Originally, yoga was intended to be a tool to forget the body’s consciousness, quiet the mind and transcend our limitations, allowing us the freedom to become closer to something greater than ourselves. Yoga works from the inside out and you’ll feel it happening. All you have to do is keep showing up.

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