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What does Stardust mean to US?


Stardust is the name of Willie Nelson’s 1978 album where he covered songs he loved by other artists that were so different from his natural musical style to collaborate and unite. 

That is what we hope to be and provide at Stardust Yoga… a place where we can co-create, co-breakdown and co-exist as a wonderful, compassionate, and kind collective embracing the individual uniqueness in our humanity!

The Physical Postures (Asanas)

Practicing asanas (movement), breathing exercises and meditation helps you mentally, physically, and emotionally improving muscle tone, flexibility, strength and stamina.

Come explore what style works best for you on your journey towards wellness.   

The Mind
In all forms of yoga, the ever-active mind is quieted through the disciplined practice.

Possible benefits include decreased: stress, depression, anxiety and more.

The styles of yoga that we offer help create a calm, peaceful awareness that provide a safe place for meditation and self-study.

The Spiritual
Originally, yoga was intended to be a tool to forget the body’s consciousness, quiet the mind and transcend our limitations, allowing us the freedom to become closer to something greater than ourselves. As we strengthen the body and calm the mind, we open ourselves up for a transformational experience. Yoga works from the inside out and you’ll feel it happening. All you have to do is keep showing up!

We have a versatile team offering a variety of styles and backgrounds.

We can't wait to unroll our mat with you!

Your Team: Our Team




Owner/ Instructor/Musician

Raelyn is a songwriter, singer, and musician, who fell in love with yoga while touring Texas. As soon as she hopped off the bus, she found her local yoga studio in Goodlettsville and found a new passion in yoga. Raelyn's excitement and enthusiasm is just the encouragement you need to find success in your yoga practice.



Owner/ Instructor/ Psychotherapist

Daisy has been teaching yoga since 2013, she has led conventions, meditation seminars, small groups and breathework classes. She strives to make classes fun, accessible and engaging. She is also a certified life coach and psychotherapist providing multiple forms of healing: talk therapy, CBT, DBT, Somatic Experiencing, herbal medicine, and trauma informed yoga . 
Her classes and energy are the perfect blend of fun and challenging, bringing you a burst of positivity to carry you through your day and beyond.


Owner/ Instructor/

Reiki II/ Breathwork Instructor

Rachel's passion is to provide her community with a safe space for growth, relaxation and education in the healing arts. 
Born and raised in Nashville, TN, Rachel loves the outdoors, yoga, traveling, and learning new things. She has experienced personal growth through breathwork, qigong, meditation, yoga, and reiki.
She received her Usui Reiki II attunement in 2018, completed a 200hr YTT in 2021, and received a diploma w/ distinction in Energy Anatomy in 2022 from the Centre of Excellence. She is currently working on certifications in Breathwork and Dream Analysis. Rachel also takes Ionic Footbath clients at Stardust Yoga.



Instructor/ Reiki Master

If you are on a path to lasting personal peace, Emily is the instructor for you. Trained in the Thirumoolar lineage, and Reiki Master attuned, her classes are the perfect blend of restorative and strength building. She also facilitates Sound Bath sessions, Kids and Prenatal Yoga, in addition to receiving training in Thai Yoga.


Instructor/Teacher Trainer

Shannon discovered yoga 15 years ago and knew she had found something unique and very special. "As my practice began to unfold and evolve I felt the passion to share this practice through teaching.
My over 14 years of teaching, I  have made my classes playful, challenging and a great space for self discovery. My favorite part of teaching is seeing students become more confident with their bodies and minds."
Shannon is 500hr, owned a studio, and offers a 200hr training  through her teacher school, Edge Yoga, Yoga Alliance certified.


Ellen has devoted over 40 years to fitness instruction. She has certifications in Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, Rowing and more! She also has experience in Personal Training, Gymnastics and Bar Instructing, and Physical Therapy. After moving to TN in 2021 from CA, she finally found her Yoga family at Stardust Yoga. She believes every day is a gift, and that's why we call it "the present". Ellen brings an uplifting and welcoming energy to her classes. Join her on the mat for a fun and fulfilling workout!


PI-YO Instructor

Instructor, APRN, PMHNP-BC

Cindy is a registered nurse practitioner. She uses healthy coping skills, various tools, and psychotherapeutic techniques to confront unhealthy beliefs. She has worked in the mental health and physical wellness industry for over thirty years and has been a practicing yoga teacher for the past decade. Enjoy a private session with her by clicking the services tab. 


Instructor/ Belly Dance Instructor

Brooke found yoga in 2010 while completing her Masters Degree in Counseling, hoping
for a good workout, but also discovered the mental health benefits. This led to a love of yoga that will continue to ground her in difficult times. Brooke completed her 200hr YTT in Hatha Yoga in 2022 and enjoys teaching classes that draw on her dance background by connecting the breath with fluid movement. She also likes to incorporate her knowledge of the chakra energy centers, crystals, and moon phases. Her experience as a Licensed Counselor creates a calm and soothing environment that is inclusive for all. 
Brooke believes  yoga can lessen suffering for the mind, body and spirit, for all stages of life, for every body and challenges her 
students to live out their yoga beyond the mat. 




While Shelia became very active in fitness and wellness in 1989, she achieved a group fitness instructor level in 2005, initially getting certified in PiYo. Yoga became Shelia's main focus, and she was introduced to “Hot” Yoga in 2009. She completed her 200hr RYT in 2012. Continuing on with certifications in Restorative Yoga and Pre-/Post Natal yoga 200hr RYT, as well as 500hr RYT from Rishikesh, India.
Shelia also does private Yoga sessions, is an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, and has education in essential oils. Shelia's passion is helping others “connect” to their inner selves and find a higher level of overall wellness. This passion led to the creation of her company “360Connects - Linking You to
Wellness”. Est, 2012.
Shelia's mantra is “Be and become the Peace, Love and Light you want to see in the World”. Namaste

Your Team: Our Team

My grandpa, Willie Nelson, aside from being one of the coolest people on the planet, in my opinion, is the most like Jesus that has walked the planet since. I know I’m biased, but I’ve seen with my own eyes how he follows the teachings of Jesus Christ, which happen to be the same as the ethics behind Yoga. After all, he started playing and singing when he was a child in a tiny church in Abbott, Texas. Papa Willie may or may not practice the asanas but he’s a Yogi. I’m proud of his spirit, vibe, humor, and everything he puts out to the world and Willie Wednesdays is a celebration of just that, his spirit and vibe and all of the good in this world. Thank you to Daisy, Rachel, and all of you for letting me spread his legacy to everyone I can. Love y’all  💚-Raelyn Nelson

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